lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

Flowers by the moon

In the night
Quiet glow
We're beneath the shining stars
And the breezeCool and calm
Whispers to us from afar
And the waves on the shore
They surrender to the sand
Breathing sweet, salty air
In a chorus raised, intoxicating and divine

Darling say how blessed are we now?
Palms in a sway and flowers by the moon

In the dawn
By the sea
There are bird songs in the air
And the sky's quiet blaze
Warms our hearts and souls and puts to rest our every care

Feeling so enraptured by the view
Tell me darling
Have we witnessed beauty's gleaming?

Soon we part from this place that makes us whole
Take this in
Take it with you when we go

All too soon we will be pulled away
So opposed to our pleasure to stay
We must treasure all we find
We behold the enchanted and reconcile our souls to light

Feeling so enraptured by the view
Tell me darling, have we witnessed beauty's gleaming?
Palms in a sway and flowers by the moon

sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010

Me besaste ... y soñé

Me besaste, tres veces, en aquella noche
a la luz, tenue, de sonrojadas estrellas.

Riendonos y mirandonos, con vergüenza,
teniendome a mi, rodeado, entre tus brazos.

Ansío solo, otra noche. Otros, tres besos.


Te soñé, sentada junto al mar, plata y azul,
empapada contemplando, aquellas olas bailar.

Te abracé, por la espalda. Un deseo:
un suspiro, eso labios volviendome a besar.

Te llevaré pequeña, al mundo de mis sueños,
cierra los ojos y yo te haré soñar.